I have received a number of request from people who don’t speak any German but would love to attend. So I decided that one of the session rooms will be dedicated to sessions held in English. Even though it’s a German BarCamp, we might as well go international. After all, we are all linguists, right!?

Well, if the language barrier was the reason you’ve been hesitating so for to get your ticket, this problem is solved as of now.

Join in and be a part of this great adventure I call #xl8Camp!

You will find all the necessary information here and you can get your ticket by visiting the „Ticket Page„. There are no separate pages for the English content, you will find all the English translations below the German content on each page. Thx!

See you in beautiful Sayda!

PS: Remember, the ticket fee includes 3 overnight stays (in a 4-bed room) and full board!